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The New Model Of Online Marketing

2012 December 22nd

  Another way to maximize your website visitor traffic is to get away from the idea of trying to instantly sell someone something. Instead of trying to sell someone something when they come to your site, consider the possibility that it may be more profitable in the long-term to give them something. Perhaps you can [...]

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How To Increase Your Profits By Charging More

2012 December 21st

  Many people I believe are undercharging for their products when they could be adding some additional features or services and charge more. My research tells me that in a slow economy, the middle class may tighten their belt and cut down their spending and save more money. But the rich many times are less [...]

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How To Improve Website Rankings For Your Keywords On The Google Search Engine

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I’ve been helping companies get their websites ranked in the top five spots on Google’s first page for over 12+ years. Many of these rankings are in billion-dollar markets. Part of my job over the last 12+ years has been to keep up on the latest research and test what works and doesn’t work regarding [...]

Social Media: Do You Really Need To Have A WordPress Blog?

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So you’re wondering if you should go to all the trouble to set up a WordPress blog on your website. Is it worth the bother? Are you just going to get sucked into some blog quicksand that is the suck hole for your time and doesn’t produce any real monetizable leads? Well if you’re wondering [...]