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Can You Really Find High Net Worth Investment Clients From The Internet?

2012 December 11th


That’s an interesting question; can you really find high net worth investment clients online?

I believe you can. Why?

Because I spent years helping alternative investment companies find high net worth clients online.

Before you run out and start advertising on Internet for investment clients, I would caution you that I believe it can be illegal if you do it wrong.

So I would strongly caution you that if you are ever going to do anything remotely close to advertising online in the investment arena, be sure you run anything you plan on putting online through a qualified attorney or through a qualified compliance person. I would not put anything online unless you have heard from them that it is 100% legal to do so.

I will also add that I’m not an attorney so please don’t take this as some kind of legal advice.

What I am is an Internet marketing consultant and I have had success helping alternative investment companies get introduced to high net worth investors through the vehicle of the Internet.

My job was to basically drive quality targeted traffic to the alternative investment companies’ websites. They were basically targeting people who are looking for information on commodity trading advisors, managed futures, portfolio diversification, hedge funds, etc.

The alternative investment companies would have some general information on their websites and they would also offer web site visitors the opportunity to register and show that they are indeed an accredited investor.

Website visitors could fill out a questionnaire about their financial situation and their assets and would basically be analyzed to see if they are indeed an accredited investor.

In case you don’t know what an accredited investor is, an Accredited investor is a term defined by various countries’ securities laws that delineates investors permitted to invest in certain types of higher risk investments including seed money, limited partnerships, hedge funds, private placements, and angel investor networks.

After the website visitor has registered and if he or she is indeed found to be an accredited investor, then I believe the alternative investment company would give them access to password-protected areas of their website that contains more sensitive and privileged information.

I believe the act of the website visitor registering and establishing that they are accredited investor is somewhat of an introduction and may allow further communication between the alternative investment company and the potential client to perhaps discuss investment possibilities in due time.

Once again I’m not an attorney, and the laws change all the time, so please do not consider fishing for alternative investment clients online without speaking to an attorney first.

It was my job to get qualified targeted high net worth investors to come to the website. How did I do this?

Through the search engines.

I would get the alternative investment clients company’s websites ranked for their favorite search terms like alternative investments, managed futures, commodity trading advisors, portfolio diversification, etc.

How did I get the companies websites ranked well for these keywords? I would just research information from the top people in the world in the area of search engine optimization. I would test out different strategies and techniques.  If anything was to actually appear online, it had to be run through a qualified compliance officer first to make sure it was in bounds with the law.

Did it work? After I had been working on and off for approximately three years as the lead Internet marketing consultant for an alternative investment house with nearly 3/4 of billion dollars in customer assets, the marketing manager told me that Internet marketing was their number one source of sales leads.

Yes, I believe that it worked.


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