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How To Improve Website Rankings For Your Keywords On The Google Search Engine

2012 December 20th

I’ve been helping companies get their websites ranked in the top five spots on Google’s first page for over 12+ years.

Many of these rankings are in billion-dollar markets.

Part of my job over the last 12+ years has been to keep up on the latest research and test what works and doesn’t work regarding high search engine rankings.

If you’re trying to get your business website ranked well on Google these days I would offer you this word of advice:

Google has really lost their sense of humor.

They’re cracking down hard on all kinds of tactics that used to get websites ranked well in search engines.

I’ve been playing cat and mouse for over 12 years with Google and lets be honest; Google is the 800-pound gorilla.

Google owns Google (we don’t) and it’s not a good idea to upset them. They pretty much write the rules and it’s up to us to not break them if we don’t want to get in trouble.

It used to be you could just make hundreds of landing pages, or you could trade links with people, or you could write lots of articles and put them in article directories linking to your site, but now Google frowns on all of these practices.

So what’s a website owner to do?

If you want to get good natural rankings on Google, I would follow the advice of Google, which is:

Make a website that people will tell their friends about. Make a website that people will bookmark.

This involves a mindset of breaking away from thinking of your website as primarily a sales brochure. You can still have sales information on your website, but you should also start thinking of your website is a valuable resource for your potential customers.

When you start adding value to your website beyond just trying to sell people things, then Google starts to like you more.

Mortgage websites have been offering mortgage calculators on their websites for a long time. This is a good model for us.

Perhaps you can think of some widget or gadget that you can place on your website that would be of benefit to your industry or potential customers?

You can have these made overseas for approximately $100. I have a whole chapter on getting things done inexpensively by outsourcing in my e-book:

“Insider Secrets: How to Sell High Priced Products And Services Online” (

Perhaps you can place some valuable videos on your site.

Perhaps you can write some informative helpful articles and place them on your site. These should be placed in your WordPress blog, as Google prefers that these days.

Ideally you would create a website that is an authority in your market or is the most valuable resource in your market. Google would be delighted to rank you high on their first page if people started linking to your site because it is such an awesome website with so many helpful resources for web surfers.

Another nice thing about populating your website with valuable resources is that you now have something to offer when you go out and converse with other bloggers in your niche. You can comment that you like or disagree with something in their blog and then mention that you have a valuable resource regarding this topic on your website.

This really helps you bring value to the conversation when you have something to give. It also helps your blog comments to not get deleted, which helps you get more links to your site.  That is a good thing.

You might be thinking to yourself, “That sounds like a lot of work and I’m very busy”.

To that I would respond, that this is why I think you have a very good chance of succeeding with this strategy.

Because it takes work. Because it takes time.

Most people are not going to bother with it and they’re going to look for shortcuts and if you put in the extra effort, you can outrank your opponents on Google for the long term (for at least five years) and get more traffic and very possibly increase your sales and bottom line.




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