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How To Write A Book and Attract More Clients

2012 December 11th


So you’re in business and you want to attract more affluent clients and sell more expensive products and services.

Unfortunately so do your competitors.

How do you stand out from the crowd as the expert who people want to do business with?

One great way to position yourself as an expert (in the eyes of your potential customers) is to write a book. An e-book will do.

When you write a book you become a little larger than life in the eyes of others. For whatever reason, when you put down a bunch of words in a document and call it a book, it somehow makes you stand out from the crowd.

It gives you some expertise, prestige and can open some doors for you.

You can even give your e-book away to potential clients. This present may cause a feeling of indebtedness in them and they may want to reciprocate in some way. It may also create goodwill.

I recently sent a copy of my updated e-book to a former client that I had not talked to in years. He e-mailed me back within 24 hours and asked me if we could get together for a meeting, as he wanted some marketing advice regarding private placements. This guy is a big player and has taken a number of companies public. I’m more than happy to meet with him and brainstorm.

You may even make some extra money from your e-book sales. Some years I make a few extra thousand dollars from e-book sales and it’s basically on autopilot. The checks simply arrive in the mail and I don’t have to do anything.

When you write an e-book, it’s basically just delivered automatically and digitally. This means you don’t have to buy physical copies of the book or store them or ship them. The computer basically takes care of delivering the digital file of your e-book while you’re sleeping.

I have lots of methods to help drive traffic to your e-book in my e-book: “Insider Secrets: How to Sell High Priced Products And Services Online” (

Making money from book sales really isn’t the primary goal. It’s to help cast you in a better light and open the door to more business for you.

I’ve had people find my book online and invite me to speak in different parts of the country. I’ve had people in different countries find my book online and contact me about doing business.  I had a reporter from the Netherlands call me up and ask me some questions.

A millionaire stockbroker in Orange County found my book online and invited me up for a meeting. He turned out to be a great guy and we are still friends through the years. He has introduced me to people who I have done business with.

I sat down one day and tried to figure out just how much business I have gotten from basically being an author. It was a reasonable figure considering how much time I put into the book and that I enjoy writing. The figure was easily in the tens of thousands.

Once you have the book set up, it’s nice because it’s basically on autopilot. Then you have the prestige of being an author for the rest of your life. Your book may outlive you by many generations.

It could be part of the legacy you leave behind.

I heard one person describe it like this: if you are pregnant with a book, don’t take it to the grave with you.  Be sure to give birth to it.


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