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The New Model Of Online Marketing

2012 December 22nd


Another way to maximize your website visitor traffic is to get away from the idea of trying to instantly sell someone something.

Instead of trying to sell someone something when they come to your site, consider the possibility that it may be more profitable in the long-term to give them something.

Perhaps you can offer them something of extreme value for free to establish a relationship with them, to build trust, credibility and to basically build goodwill.

What you give away does not have to cost you anything even though it may be of great value to your potential customer.

This could be information in the form of a video, or some kind of report that people download after they give you their e-mail address.

Try to give them something of great value so that they can think to themselves, “Wow, this free gift really helped me.  If this is what they give away for free, how much is there paid stuff worth? Name your price. I want to be your customer.”

There is also the concept of indebtedness or reciprocity. If you give someone something else, even if it’s something small, there’s a much greater chance that they will buy your product or service in the future (even if it is expensive).

There is something hardwired into the human nature that makes us want to give something back someone who is given something to us.

Many online marketers today are moving towards this model. Free first, establish a relationship, build trust, build credibility and then take later.

Once someone does give you their e-mail address, you can set up an autoresponder that will automatically send them messages over time.

I personally don’t like these to be all sales messages as those can get old fast. You might consider sending cycles of three helpful messages and then one sales message that is riddled with testimonials of people you have helped.

Every autoresponder message can of course have some kind of a link to your sales product in the P.S. or somewhere else, but it’s not the bulk of the message generally.




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